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Who We Are

At Clear Gold we strive to make the world better by making the most effective and premium plant-based wellness and lifestyle products you won’t find anywhere else

What makes us different? We combine the healing properties of aromatics with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and offer groundbreaking (and soul altering) formulations that combine the ancient alchemy of aromatic medicine with the intelligent, innovative and bold science of cannabis extraction.

Who We Are

We are plant lovers, healers, formulators, scientists, natural beauty experts, herbalists, aromatic medicine practitioners, business people, advocates and educators.   Our leadership spans decades of experience from laboratories and boardrooms, to harvesting plants in the mountains. And yet, we all share a passionate commitment to sourcing genuine and authentic plant ingredients, to make truly effective and life-changing products.

Our Beliefs
  • Clear Gold is founded on the basic pillars of Holism; Meaning, we know firsthand, how the relationship of mind-body-spirit can profoundly affect our health and well-being, and consequently the earth.  Our product formulations deliver a genuine experience of mind-body-spirit integration.
  • Clear Gold is deeply committed to plants, and we recognize and respect the profound impact they have in our lives. We understand the power of this fundamental relationship, and infuse our products with the knowledge and the practice evidenced from the ancient traditions of legendary medicine makers and healers.

Our Standards
  • We love our customers and want to consistently satisfy and delight them
  • We provide “above and beyond” customer service
  • We will always strive to use only plant derived, plant-based, and whole plant ingredients.
  • No Animal Testing
  • Full transparency
  • We formulate without relying on potentially harmful synthetics and other concerning ingredients
  • We support sustainability initiatives.
  • We cultivate relationships with our suppliers, growers, farmers.
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